Overview of local ToDo programs

    This review is primarily focused on the contextual context (places, kairos) . They seem to me the most promising and convenient in organizing a large number of cases.

    Under MacOS, there is iGTD ( http://bargiel.home.pl/iGTD/ ) in the review http://habrahabr.ru/blog/gtd/27859.html . As well as programs from the review http://www.habrahabr.ru/blog/apple/14495.html . But while I have Windows , let's see what is pleasant for this system. All programs are installed under Windows XP Pro SP2 .

    For various reasons, the review did not include those known to me: LeaderTask 5.2 ( http://www.leadertask.ru/ ), ToDoList 5.3 ( http://www.abstractspoon.com/), Rainlendar 2.1 ( http://www.rainlendar.net/ ), Active Desktop Calendar 7.1.6 ( http://www.xemico.com/adc/ ), Mozilla Sunbird 0.7 ( http: //www.mozilla. org / projects / sunbird ).

    EssentialPIM Free 2.12
    website: http://www.essentialpim.com/
    Personal rating: **

    What I didn’t like :
    The categories in the main window for some reason are displayed in a colored square without a signature - you need to remember what color it means.
    Sorting by Places (kairos) only in the general grid alphabetically.

    What did you like :
    First bookmark Today.
    Many actions can be hung on hotkeys.
    Reminder by sound, pop-up window and launch of the selected program.

    C-Organizer Pro 3.7.0
    website: http://www.csoftlab.com/
    Personal rating: **

    What I didn’t like :
    You can not see Tasks in all places (kairos).
    There are no categories at all.

    What did you like :
    Places (kairosi) must first be created on the left by the tree (folders).
    You can set the recurrence period for Tasks.
    For the amateur function (one button) drive the task into a virtual “sticker”. Sometimes useful.
    The tray displays the current number on the icon.

    Life Balance 3.3
    website: http://www.llamagraphics.com/
    Personal rating: ****

    What I didn’t like :
    No export, import to text formats.
    There are no reminders at all.

    What did you like :
    The format of the working file is xml and, if desired, you can still overtake it into text.
    I always have a palm with me. Record completed tasks in DayNotez.
    Kairos (Places) are introduced separately. The tree (Outline) of tasks separately.
    And the conclusion of cases for the selected kairos separately on the third tab (ToDo list).
    Backlight in different colors.
    Estimates the distribution of effort.
    Both efforts and importance are changed with the mouse (stylus) as continuous sliders.

    MyLife Organized 1.9.1
    website: http://www.mylifeorganized.net/
    Personal rating: *****

    What I didn’t like :
    You cannot assign a font color and / or icon to a project.

    What did you like :
    Export to my favorite MindManager (via xml format, including comments, kairos and percentage of completion of the project).
    You can adjust the complexity level of the interface in the options.
    The task tree has a screen output filter.
    Division into goals (goals) and projects (projects). The program calculates the percent of the project.
    In Outline, an element has enough necessary parameters, divided into 5 understandable groups. Decent reminder settings.
    Possibility to bookmark hotkeys.
    In ToDo there is an option “I have so many minutes” and a to-do display of cases for today with a red square.

    Tudumo 0.6
    website: http://www.tudumo.com/
    Personal rating: ****

    What did not like :
    Absolutely not synchronized anywhere.
    Poor alert capabilities.

    What did you like :
    Following my favorite GTD system.
    Convenient management in one window.
    Filters Tags Groups.
    Switching the type of buzzer using keys 1-6.
    Simple and convenient design.

    In conclusion : While I have palm, the main program for me is Life Balance. Would PPC, would switch without thinking to MyLife Organized. Also with interest (I love GTD :) I follow the development of Tudumo ( http://blog.tudumo.com/ ). Most likely this program will become the main scheduler on my laptop under WV.

    update 01/27/2008: the Thinking Rock program (http://www.thinkingrock.com.au/) was still found - I will write its review separately. Also, if you need online storage, check out nozbe.com

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