Opera is looking for talent. And encourages.

    The next contest is organized on the portal My Opera Community. This time everyone can try their hand at painting. If you have something to show the community - portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and anything else - just to be beautiful, then you can get one of three prizes from Opera Software. The list is:

    1 prize
    - A laptop bag with Opera symbols;
    - A knife for cutting cheese ( instructions included );
    - A set of buttons with Opera symbols;
    - "Opera" ballpoint pen;
    - Traditional t-shirt;

    2 prize
    - a knife for cutting cheese;
    - T-shirt;

    3rd prize
    - T-shirt;

    The deadline for accepting work to participate in the competition is January 16, the winner will be announced on January 18.

    Details of the

    PS Contest Naturally, it is preferable to provide work on near -opper themes.

    PPS A separate respect the organizers of the contest expressed to Oleg Melnichuk for creating the official screensaver for this contest (see above).

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