Our Christmas trees

    The brightest holiday on the planet rushes to us at all times, even overtaking trucks with Coca-Cola! Soon, very soon, the moment will come when we, to the wonderful sounds of clinking glasses of champagne, will meet the New Year 2008!

    I suggest that we all show our habrasoobrazovnikami dressed up, beautiful and shiny IT-trees. Why IT? Yes, because we all work with you on this topic. :-) Fir-

    tree Gunger Fir-
    Christmas tree Gunger'a

    tree ido I sincerely wish you all the brightest, most cheerful and mischievous in the Year of the Rat and dream that none of us suddenly become a rat, but remains a human being - so far, the smartest creature in the world! Happy New Year, people! Always yours, Narek Mkrtchyan.

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