New build 9694

    Another "weekly" from desktopteam OS.

    The main (visible) corrections:

    • Finally fixed glitches in animated gifs
      Fixed counter for unread messages
      Translation of the original source

      Hello everyone. Below is the build of this week.
      You have not seen me before, but I have been working in the desktop team for several months now.
      But only today they pushed me to demand a blog post. My name is Kato and my main task is testing the win version.
      As you already noticed, we completed the assembly under Solaris! It has several glitches (it crashes when you try to use mail), but we think you should not wait any longer.
      For other news - we wrote a pocket FAQ on this blog, which you can find here in the form of a convenient panel on the right. We plan to collect links to useful articles as soon as they are written and henceforth you will not need to search through the entire blog archive to find them.

      WARNING: This is a test pre-alpha build: it contains the latest changes, but also has known problems, including situations leading to “crashes” and data loss. In addition, it may not work at all.

      Known Issues:

      • [BUG 295195] Download settings "break" after making changes.
        This leads to many different visible glitches like invalid MIME types when loading jpg images or headers displayed in MHTML documents.
        [BUG 299224] Account settings “break” when adding a new IRC / chat
        account [BUG 292685] Random crashes when opening download links from mail / news feeds
        [BUG 299767] UNIX opera may crash when closing a tab at the time flash is initialized
        [ BUG 292802] Opera crashes on Java initialization


        • The counter of unread messages has
          been cured. This time the animated gif has been completely cured.
          Fixed crash when clicking on the Widgets panel A
          single click in the bookmarks bar is no longer regarded as a drag-and-drop
          content blocker now works when Quick Dial is disabled
          Fixed various SVG crashes
          Fixed various XSLT crashes


          • Build for Solaris released ... but crashes when you try to use mail
          • Windows
            Windows Classic
            The author of this translation is not a professional.
            There may be (and is) errors in the translation.
            Many things are translated at the level of understanding of the author.
            The author enters into correspondence with critics, but the choice of the final decision is reserved.

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