Improved Voting

    I thought that it would be great to be able to dynamically remove some points from the voting results.
    For example, if the vote is (hypothetical):

    What is your cell phone :
    • Nokia - 50% (100 votes)
    • SonyEricsson - 30% (60 votes)
    • Motorola - 15% (30 votes)
    • I do not use the phone - 5% (10 votes)
    Total votes: 200 people

    It would be cool to be able to dynamically remove one of the items, and see the percentages without this item. Something like this:

    What is your cell phone :
    • Nokia - 52.6% (100 votes)
    • SonyEricsson - 31.6% (60 votes)
    • Motorola - 15.8% (30 votes)
    • Not using phone
    Total votes: 190 people

    It will be useful when the majority votes just for this “counterpoint”.
    For example, if in the voting about online distribution you remove the item about “I don’t use any”, then it will be clear which of them are more popular among people who use.

    I understand that you can, of course, take a piece of paper and recalculate everything manually, but this is not our method ...

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