Fuck the facts!

    The original material for this analysis is taken at:
    www.microsoft.com/eng/getthefacts/default.mspx To

    begin with, what I am for a multipolar world. Multipolarity means rejecting the idea of ​​the only right solution. Personally, I believe that for one task there are many elegant solutions and the position of any smart person always allows alternative paths. Personally, I use two operating systems, one of them is Ubuntu (I like the karma of this product) and Windows. As a sane person, I stop any attempts to use me for information manipulations.
    The impetus for the start of work on this review was the banner, which MS actively places on all thematic channels where Linux users are highly concentrated.
    I decided to analyze the facts prepared by Microsoft regarding the use of brainwashing techniques. You can read what came out of it at the link


    No one doubts that MS PR specialists can juggle facts and words. And I must admit that they work out their money. In conditions of even a complete and obvious backlog of their proposal, they are able to submit it in such a way that there is an illusion of a clear advantage for MS.
    Personally, I take this practice quite calmly - any sane person should have immunity against brainwashing. Since such technologies are increasingly used in modern life, I decided to show how to recognize manipulations using the example of "facts" from Microsoft. That was my goal. It is up to you to decide whether to ignore or succumb to the influence of manipulation memes.

    Good luck

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