About Filters

    Recently, re-reading the logs of the anti-spam bot, I came across a message from a girl:
    Do you know Russian?
    (spelling and punctuation preserved)
    Of course, I know Russian better than this girl. But the fact is that the text in my anti-spam control is written in English. The question is simple, but it turns out that the anti-spam bot is a kind of filter that almost unmistakably sweeps out identifies those people with whom I will most likely not be interested in talking. From time to time I read these logs, sometimes it’s funnier than jokes on the tower. And after reading something interesting, I look in the profile, and then add the person to the contact list.

    What am I leading to ... There are habra-people who read only what is crap because they think that if the post is minus, then there’s no need to waste time. Or maybe it's worth reading? After all, often comments are more interesting, and if the post is actively minus, then it did not leave people indifferent.

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