Nanotechnology on the march


    Not so long ago I became an eyewitness to the updated direct sales scheme at enterprises. Everything is quite simple. To the company, to the secretary, a person comes in who introduces himself as the lecturer of the company engaged in, on the state’s order, propaganda of first aid skills within the framework of the Healthcare FP and asked to arrange a meeting with the employees. At an organized meeting, at first they talk superficially about first aid methods. The second act is the distribution of the miraculous device created in the framework of the same FP “Health” at defense enterprises for remote outposts of the Russian army for self-treatment in the absence of doctors. In the epilogue, the seller states that despite the shortage of devices, he can highlight several miraculous units especially for those in need.


    I was pleased with the emphasis on male diseases (yes, the device heals everything) and the special attention to professional ailments of office workers. It is a pity that I got some ignoramuses on a divorce. They worked ugly. As a treatment, links from LiveJournal and a critical discussion of the hypothetical possibility of the existence of such a device in harsh reality help. Those who give in are quite aware that they are being deceived, but are nevertheless ready to buy.

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