Perm activists have translated "GPL v3 Quick Start Guide"

    The Perm Linux user group has translated and published the GPL v3 Quick Start Guide (A Quick Guide to GPLv3). This publication, in a popular and not too “legal” language, talks about the innovations and benefits of this license, which was officially published on June 29, 2007. The translation is done in the wiki, the text is editable.

    A key fragment of the article is published below, which very briefly and clearly explains the main essence of GPL v3.

    We updated the GPL so that the principles of “copyleft” embedded in it could not be undermined from a legal or technological side. The latest version protects users from the following three threats:

    TiVo-isation (the term comes from the name of a TiVo digital video recorder of the same company). Some companies created different devices that run the GPL software, and then equipped the equipment so that they have the ability to change the software on this device, and you do not. If various software can be launched on the device, this is a universal computer, and its owner should be able to control what is happening inside. If the device is designed to prevent this, we call it TiVo-isation.

    Laws prohibiting free software: Legislation such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the European Union Copyright Directive make it illegal to write or distribute software that can crack DRM. These laws should not infringe on the rights granted to you by the GPL.

    Patent Discrimination Policy: Microsoft recently announced that it will not prosecute free software users for copyright infringement - as long as they receive software from vendors who work with Microsoft. In the end, Microsoft is trying to get paid for using free software, which is at variance with the principles of freedom. No company should be able to do anything like that.

    Meanwhile, the translation of the text of the GPL v3 license itself into Russian is still ongoing.Anyone can take part in the process.


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