Creative actions of mobile operators

    How lucky we are to be lucky that the distant nineties finally passed, when only well-off people could have the advantages of cellular communications. And in the yet unformed market, there was a struggle of customers for the operator, and not vice versa. But, justice still triumphed, and with capitalism coming to the cellular market, competition also came. Which at the beginning announced a competition with a lower tariff, and then, when the services of mobile operators were almost equal in price to the services of automatic telephone exchanges, she introduced a new law of survival - the client chooses a creative. Therefore, today, in our review, we will see what progress our operators have achieved in the field of advertising creative, and compare, so who is the best in this regard at the moment?

    And we will begin with perhaps the most beloved in our country, and not only, the country of erotic advertising companies.
    Most of all here, the promoters of cheap communications for the cool - Tele2 company. For example, one of the last erotic actions “forced” the male population to raise not only a broad smile on their faces ... Just imagine: in the evening, near the Mayakovskaya metro station, two model-looking girls dressed in miniature shorts of pale blue walked from the hip and a white wrestling cap, on which in the chest area it was coarsely written: "Relax with me cheaper!". The promoters “captured” a huge audience of customers, it is a pity that not everyone noticed the Tele2 logo spread between the shoulder blades, so the girls' offers to “go in” for the first few seconds caused passersby a bit of embarrassment and modest smile. But, what to hide, the operator nevertheless received new subscribers, especially teenagers. Consequently, the action was a success.

    I think that you do not want to switch to other topics so far, so consider a hotter version of erotic companies. Of course, everyone remembers the Beeline video “Start with the Ten.” So, that was just the beginning. Just a couple of days after the video was aired, an obscene version of the video appeared on the Internet, where everything remained the same except for one moment - the girl “forgot” to put on her panties.

    Naturally, the delighted Internet audience quickly circulated the clip even to the most deserted corners of the network, which caused a massive resonance. Judging by the quality, the video was not subject to any editing, and this can only mean that Beeline intends to release the video to the network with the goal of a broad viral company. Such a horse move has become especially popular lately. Indeed, at minimal cost — as we can see, it’s enough to remove the element of clothing or to correct the text a little, the advertiser gets a huge audience reach and a positive image from customers. And despite the fact that the operator denies everything:
    “Current graphic editors allow you to work wonders. And in this case, it is not known who, with their help, decided to undress the heroine in our video ”
    We can safely give him 5 for the courage and perfect performance of the action.


    Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately with erotica, that’s all for today, so we move on to an equally urgent topic - the use of the Internet in advertising. Computer, or more precisely, “Albanian” slang is so firmly settled in the heads of network users that they are ready to buy everything that is at least somehow related to this topic. Therefore, choosing the right moment, the Ural operator UTEL announced the launch of a new campaign with the loud-speaking name “Peschi Ischo :)” and did not lose.

    Firstly, according to statistics, there are much more people who want to become a subscriber to a progressive operator. Well, and secondly, the rest of the country not only found out about the existence of such a company, but was also ready to welcome it with open arms in its region.
    Despite the fact that the action is still ongoing, we can safely conclude that services with a similar name will soon appear in other operators. After all, free additional advertising on the network yet no one hurt ...

    And now we will again switch to another type of advertising creative - competitive promotions. Don’t say that, but our people love to find free cheese, even if it is openly lying in a mousetrap. “What if you're lucky!” - under the invocation cry, all as one without looking, rush into this mousetrap and what is most unusual for the “victims” - come across. So it was, it is, and it will always be so - apparently the freebie gene has been laid down in humans since ancient times, and that, perhaps the most offensive, is forever. Therefore, for lovers of everything at once, there is sure to find their own “mousetrap”. This method is used not only by crooks, but also decent companies, such as, for example, mobile operators ...

    More recently, Megafon has widely announced its mobile lottery. The essence of which was as follows: you need to send an SMS costing only 35.40 rubles to a short number, and then you had the opportunity to win a “clear German car”. Everything would be fine, but only Megafon subscribers can participate in the action. And then, as luck would have it, all kinds of advertising, they say choose which model of Mercedes you want, and how can you resist the temptation? So people bought new contracts, replenished their balance, forgetting at the same time that the stock must pay off. As a result, having said goodbye to several machines, Megafon received not only profit, but also new subscribers. Thus, proving that this type of advertising creative, not only has the right to life, but even to leadership among its other varieties.


    And now we are returning to Tele2, which in September of this year made an unusual gift to its subscribers, in the form of bringing to Russia a real Italian mafia, which has already managed to fall in love with us on famous commercials.

    The arrival of the main roof of Tele2 was timed to connect the millionth subscriber in the Leningrad region. However, who would doubt that the Italian mafiosi would come just like that?

    Sonny, Tony and Don Brutto traveled to the main attractions of St. Petersburg, each of which was equipped with a press center, on a chic convertible to the music from the movie "The Godfather", which attracted not a little attention of local residents, many of whom even abandoned all business, carefully moving behind the gangster car. A lot of smiles, balloons, autographs, satisfied passers-by - something like this can be summarized as a unique image-building campaign from Tele2, which ended with tremendous success, which allowed the company to confirm its positive image with subscribers.

    Beeline call

    No less unique action this spring decided to hold the leadership of Beeline. Instead of spending money on creating videos, time on TV and other needs not postponed for an advertising campaign, the operator decided to “reach out”, or to be more precise, get a direct call to future subscribers. Having thoroughly sat down on telephones, Beeline employees began phoning subscribers of other networks in order to make them an advantageous offer, namely to connect to them. The costs of such calls were small and easily covered by other Beeline subscribers, people slowly, but still connected to the operator, and it would seem that there is happiness. But it wasn’t there, raspberries did not last long at all, and a few days after the launch of the action, employees of the Federal Antimonopoly Service knocked on the operator’s office and explained scientifically they say such an action is a violation, so dear, let's turn off your calls. And to prove their intentions they presented a fine in the amount of 100,000 rubles.
    Moral: avaricious pays twice.

    Happy End

    Having finished with calculations about the benefits of operators, let's finally pay attention to us - ordinary subscribers. After all, they show us eroticism for free and arrange lotteries, we are invented by all sorts of creatives and promotions. In the end, we are the judges in the competitions of operators for eccentricity. Therefore, now we can only relax and get ready for the next battle of mobile operators for their subscribers.

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