Exhibition Leopard Pro Show. Mini report.

    Well, that’s over the Leopard Pro Show.
    The presentation was divided into three parts:
    1) Presentation of Mac Os X Leopard
    2) Presentation of a New Version of Final Cut Studio
    3) Presentation of a New Version of Logic Studio
    Unfortunately, I managed to attend only the first two, but they also brought a lot of pleasant impressions.
    In parallel, the show was accompanied by an exhibition of Apple products. They showed new iMacs, Macs Pro, and others.
    Everyone could come up and do Leopard

    or watch professional sound and video editing programs.

    The symbol of the whole performance was especially pleased - a real leopard perched at the feet of a pretty girl :)

    Well then, back to the speech itself. The show was led by a Frenchman, with an amusing accent, speaking English (the name, unfortunately, did not remember, like Cris). Before the entrance to the hall there was a table with IR headsets, through which all guests heard the simultaneous translation of the performance. There were not many people present, in any case the front ranks were quite free. Here and there MacBook displays shone. IPhones flickered occasionally.
    It all started with the traditional Apple presentation, an apple :)

    When the director of iPro appeared on the scene, it became a little unusual - the presenter was not lit at all, but over time his eyes got used to and completely focused on the screen and the events taking place on it.

    Introducing Mac OS X Leopard
    For people close to the idea of ​​Apple, nothing was said, in principle, - all this can be seen on apple.com in video presentations. Nevertheless, to watch everything live, under the cheerful jokes of the presenter, was extremely funny.
    First, we were immersed in a small “leopard” prehistory.

    Then they began to talk about its main features and innovations. Such as:
    Updated Finder with Quick Look

    Modified Mail. Pay attention to the highlighted phrase :) the narrator throughout the presentation occasionally teased Windows and PC

    iChat pleasantly surprised - before our eyes the host contacted a friend from France, demonstrating a preview of the files, their joint editing, and "sharing" of the
    In the background - heroes well familiar to any Yabloko =)

    Spaces interlocutor’s desktop


    Well and, of course, Time Machine. At the same time, the host dedicated us to a touching story about his ex-girlfriend with whom he broke, deleted the contact from the address book, but suddenly remembered, regretted and decided to contact again :)

    Presentation of Final Cut Studio 2

    Next, after a short break during which we enjoyed coffee with cream, and tea with lemon, we were shown the new Final Cut Studio. Namely: The

    new ProRes format, for working with high-resolution video, which allows you to compress a file by weight by almost 10 times, almost without losing quality.

    Correcting video in the Color application (adding contrast, saturation, highlighting color).

    Work with the Motion 3 package (adding various text and 3d effects, and all kinds of video editing). I, a person far from video editing, was greatly impressed by the stabilization of the video - getting rid of unnecessary twitching. Perhaps this function is implemented in Avid quite easily, but in real time its application looked just fine :)

    Well, in the end we were shown working with SoundTrack Pro 2 - information about the video and audio track recorded in the studio (various cross fading, synchronization with the image, volume control, etc.) :)

    At the end of this part of the performance, I left the room and hurried about my business, although I really wanted to stay, honestly.
    The atmosphere of the whole event was as warm as possible - no unnecessary officiality, and the pathos associated with it. In general, I really liked it :)

    If someone could make a mini-review of the last, third part of the presentation, it would be very interesting to read :)

    PS: I am not a Mac user, so I could be mistaken in the description of some little things.
    PPS: I immediately apologize if I missed some important part for you, because I talked about what I remembered the most.
    PPPS: do not scold much for the quality of photos - they were shot on an iPhone. :(

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