“Googled”: Corey Doctorow on All-pervasive Google

    Cory Doctorow wrote a story for Radar magazine about what would happen if Google continued to grow into modern society and, due to its effectiveness, began to perform not only “service”, but also government functions. Under an outsourcing agreement. Or in a joint contract with Halliburton , for example.

    The scenario would have seemed too dystopian five years ago, but it doesn’t look fantastic now, when every day closer is the realization of the goal of the well-known "information company", and its mission to make "all information accessible to all."

    It seems that there is much more “whole” information than we imagined, and most of it should not be accessible to everyone at all. Changes in society in connection with Google’s concern for us draw many questions and assumptions. For example, that all of humanity is still alive due to the fact that people carefully hid from each other almost all information about the past, present and plans for the future. Or how complete transparency is changing the concepts of economics, reputation, and how it affects choices.

    Read the translation , and share your views: Googled (by Cory Doctorow, translation by Ruslan Grokhovetsky with the participation of accompanying persons.)

    Original: “ Scroogled ” (on the website of the journal “Radar”)

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