Superior Holographic Media by Hitachi Maxell

    Despite the fact that holographic recording technology is still under active development and can only be positioned as a relatively promising solution, work is ongoing to improve such storage devices. So, at CEATEC , Hitachi Maxell showed an audio reproduction system, which was created using a working prototype of the holographic carrier HROM.

    In the new device, company employees were able to solve one serious problem that all developers of holographic information storage devices had to deal with. In particular, for the formation of the initial beam and for receiving the changed signal transmitted through the disk (as well as for reading information), it was required to place two optical systems on opposite sides of the carrier. In HROM, both systems are located on one side of the carrier, with the secondary signal being sent to the receiver with a special reflective layer. Thus, Hitachi managed to create the most compact device (about the size of a postage stamp).

    However, HROM cannot yet boast of any outstanding characteristics. Its capacity is only 4 GB, and the data transfer rate is 16 Mbps. Hitachi claims that the cost of the medium should not exceed a few dollars. But until the production of such products becomes mass, it is too early to talk about a specific price.

    via 3DNews

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