Oh blogs, I love blogs so much

    Salons 2.0

    Oh blogs, I love blogs so much!
    Every day I am here.
    Oh blogs, I love blogs so much!
    To get here is a great honor.

    Here are all the talents: poets, musicians,
    artists of different stripes,
    here every third is an unrecognized genius,
    but there are many other guests.

    Here everything is so subtle, so intellectual,
    Here each is with each other on “you”,
    Here poems and pictures are posted, usually strangers,
    But often they pass off as their own.

    People come here, decent people.
    To argue about smart things - About Google, Microsoft, about design and free code.
    By the way, who is Tuzen Bach?

    There are ladies, lovely ladies,
    They know everything about everyone,
    Elderly lionesses, as well as debutants,
    Which still awaits success.

    Oh blogs, I love blogs so much!
    God envy anyone here,
    And if I'm lucky, I will try
    And I will open my stand alone blog ...

    Akeepaki feat Naumenko

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