Firefox Mobile: Mozilla's high-profile statement

    Big News: Mozilla developers have announced that they plan to focus on the mobile web and release a mobile version of the popular Firefox browser .

    It is known that 20 times more mobile devices are sold in the world that can provide user access to the Internet than personal computers, and experts predict that inequality will only grow. It is with mobile technologies that the next phase of the development of the Internet is associated - web 3.0. The creators of the Firefox browser have decided not to stay away from the development of mobile technologies and are going to focus on the development of the Firefox mobile browser.

    The best part for end users and developers is that the Mozilla developers decided not to abandon the fundamental philosophy: mobile Firefox will allow you to use all kinds of add-ons and extensions that make the use of Firefox fundamentally different from using the same, for example, Internet Explorer.

    For all this, one cannot fail to mention one negative factor: it is known that the main problems of Firefox users are primarily associated with its greed for computer RAM. Judging by the statement on the company’s blogFor the mobile version, they are not going to solve this problem on their own - instead, they decided to rely on the rapid development of mobile devices that are equipped with more and more memory and more and more powerful processors. However, it seems to me that this is not the right way out, because it would be much more logical to create a less resource-intensive browser.

    As for the deadlines, the only more or less specific mention of them is the following: "Mobile Firefox will be launched later (certainly not until the beginning of 2008)." In addition, the release of the mobile version of Firefox will definitely happen later than the release of Firefox 3. However, now owners of Nokia N800 phones can use the Mozilla browser, in addition, the developers promise that they will certainly cooperate with all manufacturers who express a desire to install browsers from Mozilla on their devices now.

    But in any case, apparently, this high-profile statement is nothing more than a “declaration of intent”, the reason for which was that two mobile technology gurus joined the Mozilla team. However, there is no talk of any specific timelines, specific characteristics, or even which platforms will be supported by the browser. Apparently, from time to time, companies have to make noise practically without any reason and loudly declare such intentions. But in any case, let Mobile Firefox have to wait another, apparently, for about a year, I hope that the wait will be worth it.

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