BitTorrent 6.0 Final

    The final release of the official client for the most popular Peer 2 Peer BitTorrent network. The sixth version of the program is the merger of the Bittorrent branded client with the recently acquired uTorrent . From the original BitTorrent, the program got the experience of developing network protocols, and from uTorrent a compact code and a wonderful interface. As a result, the program has become much easier, it has acquired the ability to search for local peers, several simultaneous downloads, speed limitation, quick resume downloading, RSS-downloader, etc. In fact, it’s the same uTorrent.

    The BitTorrent P2P network in the shortest time became the most popular in the world, having displaced KaZaA from the honorable first place and supplanted the eDonkey2000. BitTorrent is fundamentally different from its counterparts - in order to download something, you need to have a special .torrent file, the collections of which can be found on the network. The network works on a tricky principle: in parallel with how you receive a file from someone, you at the same time give it to other users. Many large developers (usually open source products, such as Linux distributions) have turned their attention to BitTorrent and, among other distribution channels for their products, use this P2P network.

    Currently only for Windows.

    Download (853 KB)


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