Google Reader has left the walls of Google Labs!

    Google seems to have a big day today. Users of Google Reader, pay attention - the Labs logo has completely disappeared from the pages of the service! Google Reader goes to the big world.

    Here is what the developers wrote on their official blog (contacting the Google Labs team):

    It’s not hard to part.
    We don’t know how to tell you, but the time has come to part. We are just different now. People can search. Can share read. They can even watch statistics about what they read and how often.
    There are many things we can do to make reading feeds great. And that means we are no longer on the way.

    But don't be sad. We will always remember the good times: our first meeting, when we released a new interface together, and how we could sit and say nothing at all, because you are just a shortcut ... ( implies the Labs prefix on the Google Reader logo, thanks for tip, k_s and didaio - pon. )

    When memories roll on us and tears come to our eyes, we can even put on the record that you made for us; the one with Pausla Cole and Gaster. We will think about you.

    Today is a big day for us, we have learned to speak new languages. And honestly, you are not translating very well. But we both speak English, and we know that I and U are far apart in the alphabet. In real life we ​​are even further.

    It's not about you. It's about us.

    With love, Google Reader Team

    So, the localization expected last week has occurred (in Russian, it seems, as it always is), Google Reader has become even more interesting and accessible for users. Hurrah!

    PS It seems that Google Labs itself, to which this felt message is addressed, has not yet released Google Reader - the service appears on its pages, the Labs logo is also present on the authorization page. I am sure this is not for long :)

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