"Ashmanov and partners" launched a search engine analyzer

    Andrey Ivanov from Ashmanov & Partners announced the launch of a new analytical project called Analyze This . The system automatically analyzes the most important parameters of Russian search engines: the frequency and strength of updates, the quality of navigation search, the quality of thematic searches, the level of SEO-pressure, the amount of spam in the search results. The entire archive of measurements is available for viewing, comments are supported .

    The nine largest search engines are analyzed: Yandex, Google, Rambler, Gogo, Live.com, Aport, Webalta, Liveinternet, Yahoo (for unknown reasons, there are no Nigma.ru, Quintura.ru and others).

    The developers of the system promise in the future to increase the number of navigation markers (that is, "exemplary" queries by which the graphs are built), as well as to improve the "neural" analyzer. “In the second case, volunteer assistants are very necessary,” writes Andrey Ivanov.

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