Shhh ... Spykee spy robot is nearby!

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    Meet the radio-controlled robot Spykee from the company Erector with the built in WiFi-in speakerphone, camera and microphone. The supplied software allows you to manage this little inconspicuous spy from anywhere on the network:

    Spykee is created in 3 different guises. The most interesting of them is a full-featured webcam and a VOIP speakerphone (compatible with Skype ), but this is not all its functional advantages over other robots:
    • a full-color camera allows you to not only transmit Stream video via WiFi , but also take pictures (including the autofocus and digital zoom functions), the
      robot can serve you as an MP3 player (although why is it like a player when there are bathtubs, right?)
      motion sensors allow he himself quickly get away!
      "Caterpillars" allow you to overcome many obstacles (including stairs). He
      writes all the incriminating information on the SD-card.

      The official release is scheduled for October, but pre-order on Amazon 'e is already available. In the meantime ... taking a shower ... just in case, look at the corners - haven’t such a high-tech skylight gotten lost in the farthest!

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