Etiquette is an interactive music installation that is now ending at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop . The installation uses an interactive table as a way to make the process of creating music physically accessible to visitors. And this process brings not only aesthetic, but also tactile pleasure.

    Look - the installation is clearly like the children.

    Sound extraction occurs by manipulating cubes on a luminous table. The work uses the same software library as in ReacTable (the famous video on YouTube), which this summer was finally popularized by Bjork, which used it in its live.

    But the most pleasant feature of Etiquette is, in fact, music. Unlike most audio installations, it’s nice to participate in its creation, and it’s nice to listen to it. Behind the installation are computer scientist Simon Kirby and the FOUND band , which recorded all the original audio data: bass, banjo, pipes, flutes and even a glockenspiel , as well as a large number of handy percussion instruments: all kinds of boxes, boxes and other items found nearby workshop.

    Etiquette is even available as a 4-track album released under a Creative Commons license! Download the album for free and make sure that FOUND has been able to very successfully marry the latest technology and real music!

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