On Habré the karmagraf jams or what?

    I apologize if my topic is "off topic", but I just wanted to write about Habr himself.
    The biggest request is not to kick or lower the already small rating of a beginner (I do not like this Hindu word karma) because my post is to clarify some circumstances on Khabrushka.
    Has it ever happened to you that grateful readers have put pluses on your posts, and your rating will not grow well at all? But I have ... I got a total of 6 pluses per post, but the notorious karma nickname does not change. Either I'm not like that or something is wrong here.

    Wrote to the admin Habru-deaf as in a tank :-) ...
    Maybe this post will make them somehow more respectful to users.

    The request not to kick “for the truth” :-), since I am trying to provide the interests of the people with this post, suddenly someone has the same situation.

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