Badge with LED backlight

    If you often have to attend various events as a result of your service, then you are definitely familiar with the phenomenon of “party culture” as badges. We come, register, we get a set of waste paper and an icon with a name, title and what the organizers deigned to write. But there is a better way. Buy LED badge.

    On this icon you can write anything you want. To do this, just connect the device to the computer via the USB port and type in the desired text. It is gratifying that each time you do not have to enter information in a new way. The gadget is capable of storing up to eight text messages (each with a length of no more than 314 characters).

    According to the manufacturer, the software for editing labels on the "electronic badge" is multilingual and works correctly with various encodings. But the chance that having paid 35 euros for the LED badge, you will find yourself with a nose due to the inability to enter Russian letters, still remains.
    via Gizmodo

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