Paul Horne, head of IBM Research, leaves the company

    Paul Horn, eleven years Director of Computer Research at IBM Research, resigns to become a scientist at the University of New York. In place of Paul put John Kelly (John Kelly), senior vice president of IBM technology and intellectual property.

    Horn’s work at IBM is associated with many of the company's technological successes, including the legendary computer Deep Blue, which defeated Garry Kasparov in chess.

    In a memorable address to IBM employees, Nick Donofrio, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, listed some of IBM Research's achievements, including Deep Blue Blue Gene supercomputers, copper crystals, a huge magnetoresistive head, and autonomous computing technology. About Horn, he said the following:
    In 1996, when Paul began to lead the division, he changed the model of research and development of our company and turned IBM Research into an engine of innovation and growth.

    Now, Horn, as a physicist, will take a place among respected scientists at the residence of the University of New York, where he will give lectures and conduct research.

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