The next Windows will also be a "heavyweight"

    Rumors about the death of offline distribution megadistributions were greatly exaggerated. One of the Microsoft executives confirmed that the next version of Windows will be the same mastodon as Vista.

    Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft (COO), spoke at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Denver and confirmed the hints earlier this year from CEO Steve Ballmer. The Redmond giant plans to release another major release of Windows - a system tightly tied to the desktop of a personal computer. Perhaps this will be the latest release of this type of operating system.

    “Of course, this year has been an unprecedented year for Vista and the Office,” Turner said. “And we remain committed to the desktop.” There will be another release of an operating system such as Vista and another release of the Office. ”

    Turner's remarks confirm what Steve Ballmer already hinted at. In late January, just before the start of sales of Windows Vista and Office 2007, he said that Microsoft still had something unfinished. The hint is clear: “unfinished” features will appear in the next OS. At the same time, it is known that Ballmer vowed to never again allow the same five-year long-term construction.

    At the same time, analysts and experts are stubbornly talking about the decline of client OS, the advent of the era of Web 2.0. We see how dozens of network operating systems appear on the Internet like mushrooms after rain. The most hated competitor (Google) is actively moving in the same direction and one after another stamps network office applications : mail, text editor, tables, presentations. Analysts suggest that Microsoft can put all its power into developing something similar, some kind of network OS, because with its current ideology, it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to remain competitive. But no. It does not look like Microsoft has completely switched to a new direction.

    It is officially announced that after Vista there will be a four-year development cycle, and there will be at least one less significant OS update between major releases. At least the next release of Windows will definitely be "heavy", and what is next is unknown.

    via PC Advisor

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