Arctic Cooling MX-2 - thermal grease with a "service life" of up to eight years

    The company Arctic Cooling has announced a new efficient thermal paste. MX-2 is perfect for overclockers and is able to maintain their properties for a long time.

    MX-2 paste does not contain silicone and metal particles, due to which the problems associated with the possibility of closing tracks or conclusions in the event of contact with paste were avoided. The main binder fluid is a mixture of polysynthetic oils, which ensures stability and preservation of heat-conducting properties for a long time. According to the manufacturer, MX-2 does not lose its properties and does not require re-application for eight years.

    The cost of one package (for convenience on application is made in the form of a syringe) MX-2 weighing 4 grams is $ 8.

    via IXBT

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