There is happiness, no matter what, but also kindness and mutual assistance!

    07/04/07 I

    rejoice at small things and big ones. I am surprised and love the world. How strange to be!

    To be, to exist.

    Now it’s summer and the thirst for life is off the charts; winter is winding hibernation.
    I like winter. Maybe because I was born in the winter, or maybe for some other reason :-)

    I really love nature. In the city, of course, I lack space. I was born in the Republic of Karelia, and this is the land of 1000 lakes ... as the song says.

    It is very pleasant to give gifts, to please relatives and friends, or even complete strangers.
    Give joy. Let it be a small trifle in the form of a heart-shaped pillow with handles that can hug you, or a computer that you have been waiting for a very long time, size does not matter. The main thing in this is the attention that you give to a person.

    I like chocolate very much :-), animals, music, reading (I’ve been reading since 4 years old). I knit and crochet, embroider a little.


    This morning I posted an article early on , my husband is happy, and I'm just happy because I really want to sleep lately ... and I really want to sleep, not work, and now I can relax. He wrote this article for the magazine :-)

    I ask you to not comment on the ill-wishers!

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