HD-DVD takes out a new trump card from the sleeve

    In the camp of supporters of the media format HD-DVD, a new revival. Having suffered a blow from the seriously increased sales of Blu-ray discs after the appearance of Sony Playstation 3, they made a long-awaited retaliatory maneuver, releasing the first media that will be able to make full use of the Internet connection that was originally built into all HD players.

    A buyer who buys a disc with a special release of the Japanese animated film “Freedom”, which appeared on store shelves last Tuesday, will be able to download a trailer for future paintings, additional subtitles and “skins” for the title menu of the disc for free.

    However, potential bonuses are not limited to this. In July, several more similar releases will be released. Among them will be the epic drama "300 Spartans", with which the viewer can do whatever he wants, trying on the role of film editor. Glued from pieces of the film (both included in the rental version, and left by the director "for good") masterpieces can be uploaded to a special server of Warner Brothers, where they can be watched and evaluated by other buyers of the disc. And all this, it should be noted, can be done without sitting down at the computer by the means of the player itself.

    Warner Brothers will also release a version of 300 Spartans on Blu-ray media, but not every player of this format will give you the opportunity to enjoy special bonuses.

    Whether this move will help manufacturers from the HD-DVD camp is hard to say. According to forecasts by Kevin Collins (Kevin Collins), who holds the position of promoter in Microsoft company-supported format, soon the sale of Blu-ray media will drop due to the fact that the owners of PS 3 will finally get enough games for their new console and stop watching from boredom movies on it. Then the position of competitors should at least be equal.

    Meanwhile, a fierce struggle for buyers is forcing prices to fall rapidly, which, naturally, is beneficial for us, and so for buyers.

    via AP

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