iPhone: User Guide and User Reviews

    An official iPhone user guide (iPhone User Guide) has just appeared on the Apple website. It is available at manuals.info.apple.com/en/iPhone_User_Guide.pdf.

    Read the documentation carefully and try to find something new?

    In addition, due to the fact that the phone finally hit the masses, reviews became available.

    About all this - below.

    "News" from the documentation

    • Gesture: swiping your finger quickly across the screen is a quick and distant scrolling
      Text: if you refuse the suggested hint and end a word when typing, it will automatically get into the
      Text dictionary : you have already seen it, but if you touch and hold it a little while typing, something will appear- something like a magnifying glass that allows you to position the cursor exactly.
      UI: the included headset allows you to control the music: pause / play, next and previous song.
      Internet: Internet connection is made in the following order:
      • an attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi point that you used last time
        if it didn’t work out - show the list of Wi-Fi points to the user to select
        if it didn’t work out - EDGE is used.
        Feature: you can not use EDGE and simultaneously talk on the phone. If you are actively using EDGE connection (the process of downloading a web page, for example), you will not even hear an incoming call. If it is passive, the call will probably come.
        Conversation: up to 5 people can take part in the conference.
        UI: starting point - contact information. The easiest way is to first choose a person, and only then decide what to do with him - write SMS or see his address on the map.
        E-mail: iPhone can watch attachments of the following types: .c, .cpp, .diff, .doc, .docx, .h, .hpp, .htm, .html, .m, .mm, .patch, .pdf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx
        E-mail UI: the approximation (as in Safari) works in the mail too - you can enlarge a part of the letter to better examine it.
        E-mail: mail from Yahoo comes by itself (PUSH interface). IPhone can check other mailboxes once every 15 minutes, once every half an hour, or once an hour.
        Safari UI: There is a Share button. She sends the current page by e-mail.
        Safari: able to block pop-ups.
        iPod: On-The-Go playlists can now be edited - reorder songs and delete songs from there.
        iPod: Video can be removed from iPhone right on the go.
        iPod: the buttons below (artists, podcasts, video, etc ...) can be edited: change their order, add others, remove the current ones.
        SMS & E-mail: to delete a message, you can click edit, then delete, or you can drag your finger from left to right (as if striking out) and click on the “Delete” button that appears.
        Apps: There are Calculator and Notes applications. Simple as two pennies.
        General: iPhone works with VPN over L2TP and PPTP. Both through Wi-Fi and through EDGE.
        General: of course there is a tray for SIM, but it is mentioned in the context of "give someone an iPhone to indulge, but leave their SIM card to themselves." That is, it is impossible to directly use someone else's SIM card. And even after breaking the contract with AT&T (for the notorious $ 175).

        News from freshly baked owners:

        • Safari doesn't seem to know how to turn off images. So far it only seems. However, they have an unlimited data plan there.
          People are thrilled by the screen. Massively.
          Also, everyone is surprised at the size. It is smaller than it seemed to everyone. In a good way.
          However, fingerprints remain on the screen.
          Very good reviews on sound quality. People with the same operator but a different phone are thrilled.
          For reading RSS, reader.mac.com is used - a special AJAX-application for iPhone
          EDGE in the States on the iPhone showed a speed of 180 kbps.
          Apparently (and this is very sad), the interface is still exclusively English. The keyboard too. It is still not clear, but apparently so.
          The keyboard also works in landscape mode and it is very fast and convenient.
          The margin of brightness of the screen is very high. If you set the maximum - beats in the eye.
          Many praise zooming. It is claimed that it works very smoothly and conveniently.

          Most reviews are very similar to this one:
          I just got mine, and it is freaking brilliant. It is without a doubt the coolest piece of consumer electronics I have ever seen. Literally.

          People, make products for people. Remember that geeks, like you and me, are the smallest part of humanity, and the part is a bit sick. And people are different. Thanks to Apple for the first phone for people.

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