Perfect Pechkin

    The lack of an ideal email client is one of the most severe headaches in daily electronic document management.

    Here I tried to formulate rules and features that I personally would be comfortable with. If you know what advantages existing customers have, write. Perhaps it is here that we will form the image of an ideal email client, and there - who knows - and find the opportunity to implement it!

    I can’t without tags. Gmail has been using them for a long time, but GromoPitts still somehow believes that I can do without them. Ideally, I would like to be able to mark each letter with an unlimited number of labels, search and sort by them, combining them into groups, creating and saving (!) Filters on them, and also be able to bind tags to contacts from the address book.

    Like in Photoshop - save certain actions and sequences, hooking the output of one script to the input of another, and also tying the client’s actions with external programs. Such a chip exists in baht, but I have not learned it. In my opinion, it is too inconveniently implemented.

    I would like to have a built-in mail database synchronization system. Let me reserve the base on a third-party secure server from time to time - this will protect me from the fall of the main mailbox and the loss of mail. Plus to everything - if I need to work on someone else's computer - quick deletion of all traces of activity (again, without data loss)

    Close to the search in the last macos with saving results, filters and navigation through the list of found. C visual option for everyone and separately for advanced :)

    Platform-independent version of the web interface, which can be put on any axis. Dreams, dreams ...

    Import / Export
    I want to be able to convert to any format, at least in jpeg. Yes, a snapshot of the email addresses in a graphic file. and the ability to select the encoding when importing / exporting. Ability to connect to the address book as a standalone application

    Correct support for HTML and unicode

    Synchronization of the address book with mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones and, of course, iPhone :) It would also be nice to show the address book in the sidebar under the folder tree. Simple and tasteful.

    GPG support RSS

    gestures - without it, nowhere Mail management on the server e “Show graphics” button in the message viewing window Integration with a calendar , preferably external Ability to write plugins

    , which will be developed by developers.

    Storage and quick switching of POP \ SMTP settings

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