Web 2.0 - The Glamor of the Internet

    At the risk of incurring a wave of criticism, I must admit that the idea of ​​Web 2.0 in its pure form, as a recipe and a means of revitalizing a sorrowful Internet, has exhausted itself. Sometimes it’s even a little awkward for me that some of our projects can be attributed to this type. The press and blogs have worn out and worn out the term “Web 2.0,” like a tasik rag. From his mention already reduces cheekbones.

    I would like to find a big fence where to write in archine letters "Web 2.0 is nothing more than a design trend with Ajax elements and a soft insanity on the sociality of everything and everything ...".

    Web 2.0 is just a trendy trend of the winter-summer-fall-spring season of the last two or three years, it is “the glamor of the Internet ”, as bright and catchy as the glamor in life and just as empty in fact.

    This does not mean at all that all sites that are self-proclaimed or universally recognized belong to this movement - the essence is that sites are empty and useless. Not at all! Ksenia Sobchak may be hiding behind a touch of glamor, or maybe an intellectual and smart girl. Like Pushkin’s: “... You can be a sensible person and think about the beauty of nails ...” ... The


    good news is that the hysteria of “web dvdolnosti” seems to pass. Like any bright trend, it will leave its mark in the general direction of the development of the web development industry. Everything that is reasonable and expedient will become a standard trick, everything that went on with the trailer will dry out and fall off.

    You just need to make good and user-friendly projects, and in what genre they will be - does not matter .

    PS Yes, I haven’t written anywhere that our next project will certainly be done in the best traditions of “ Web 2.0 Extra Pro Advanced ”? Didn't hear about that ?! ABOUT! It is something! :)

    Original text - Spiridonov.ru (notes of the Internet producer)

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