FTP2SHARE.COM - a new standard for file distribution on the network.

    This review will primarily be useful to users who distribute any files on the network. It is no secret that there are a huge number of file hosting services that allow you to upload your files to them, and publish links to them on sites or forums (the most famous are Rapidshare.com and MegaUpload.com ). But everyone probably knows the situation when your file is deleted from the hosting and the link to it is “dead”, what should I do? Just re-upload to the same hosting - there is a high probability of deleting the file again, upload to other hosting services and make “mirrors” - the approach is correct, but this is your time and your traffic (which is not all anlim).
    FTP2SHARE.COM - a service that is created for you, mirroring your files to the most popular file hosting services, the main principle is one upload = 5 links to your file.
    Key features of ftp2share.com :
    - File upload via HTTP - FTP (FXP)
    - Remote upload (specify the link - the service downloads the file and re-uploads)
    - Mirroring your file to 5 file hosting sites
    - Support for working with folders
    - Ability to upload files to your premium file hosting accounts
    - The ability to upload only to the file hosting you specify
    - The unique function of re-uploading your file if it is removed from the file hosting
    - Working with folders using the ftp protocol
    After simplified and quick registration, you can You can start using the service.
    Examples of received links:
    - to one file - example
    - for multi-file release - an example of a

    PS folder. There are several more unique functions in development, as well as uploading files to one of the Russian file hosting services.
    PSS Service was created by a group of people who have been dealing with file distribution issues on the network for a very long time and know firsthand about the problems and “pitfalls” of this type of activity.

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