Google in China has removed page cache browsing

    The Chinese had another reason to say “Google, do not be Evil”, because the Chinese version of Google removed the ability to display the page cache. A little earlier, on April 26 of this year, the "Cached" link was already excluded, however, the Google representative in China claimed that the ability to view the cache would return after the system was improved.

    It will not be news for censorship watchers on the web that Google’s web page cache is very often blocked for Chinese users due to state Internet providers. However, now the main search engine is responsible for removing the “Cached” link.
    The cache link is highlighted with a pink marker
    Most likely, the Ministry of Information of China has contributed to the removal of the ability to view the page cache. By controlling internal Internet providers, the government is gaining indirect control over Google’s ability to protect its citizens from broken links.

    In general, the Chinese government did not welcome Google very much - in addition to blocking some of Google’s capabilities, they didn’t give the search engine their own ICP number (now Google works under the ICP license of its partner

    It is also worth noting that in addition to Google Search, Google Books, Google News, Google Maps and Google Images are subject to partial censorship.

    via Google Blogoscoped .

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