Cyrillic domains to be or not to be?

    While domains in Cyrillic (for example, have not entered the Runet and remain unknown to most of its users. However, domain registration in Russian has already begun a long time ago, and most of the “beautiful” domains have been sold out. The disputes that arose at the forum divided the participants into two fronts: pros and cons. Many people are inclined to believe that such domains are the future, and someone believes that this is not serious. So far, in order for the browser to be able to correctly perceive such addresses, it is necessary to install the free iClient client . But already the latest versions of browsers support IDN and you will not have to install any clients and plugins soon.
    I think it’s not long to wait, and soon we will write the addresses of sites in our native Russian language in the address bar of our browser, and this will be normal and natural for everyone.

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