Microsoft offers to sit down two people at a PC

    In the Indian R&D division, Microsoft invented a new technology that allows you to split the monitor into two independent parts, so that two people can safely work on one PC: one on the right half of the monitor, the second on the left.

    Of course, not only the monitor is divided into two parts, but also all other computer resources, including downloading two copies of the Windows operating system with two cursors, support for two keyboards and two sets of applications. Each user can "climb" the cursor to someone else's half and help a partner in work.

    First of all, the new technology is intended for poor educational institutions and state enterprises in developing countries. It is assumed that they cannot afford a complete set of equipment, and therefore are forced to put two or three people on one computer. This is often found in Russian schools.

    On the other hand, this technology may also appeal to other categories of users. For example, fans of extreme programming, who are known to work in pairs.

    Not only programming, but also other work is conveniently done in two. Moreover, Microsoft technology allows you to move the cursor from one screen to another and edit other people's texts, so this is a full-fledged group work.

    via Discovery Channel

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