for $ 1.55 / year

    A domain in the .org and .info zone for only $ 1.55 (40 rubles) per year or 3.5 rubles per month can be obtained by anyone who manages to do this before June 30, 2007.

    Today I turn on Outlook and see a letter from one of the best (and cheapest) domain name registrars on Runet - MyNick.Name. It reads as follows:


    Until June 30, 2007 we have two promotions - .INFO for only

    $ 1.55 and .ORG for only $ 1.55. Under the terms of, domains in the .ORG zone (as opposed to .INFO) per share ($ 1.55)

    According to the conditions of, domains in the .ORG zone (as opposed to .INFO) by share ($ 1.55) can be registered by residents not all countries, but only:

    China / Southeast Asia countries - CN, HK, MM, TH, LA, KH, VN, TW, SG, ID, MY ... (and another list of countries for 9 lines - approx. Nick Hardy)

    In order for you to be able to register a domain for a promotion, you must register on our website, indicating your country (and state) as one of the above (for example, China / China). You can enter real address and phone number! After placing an order and registering a domain, you can change the country information back to yours!

    He shrugged, went to register himself I think that 40 rubles a year for a convenient name is more than acceptable.

    In addition, if you have a website or e-mail on a free hosting, you can still register your, as MyNick.Name provides a redirect service for 12 rubles per year. That is, you will give everyone an e-mail: and the website, and the system will automatically forward letters and visitors to your existing site.

    Payment is made by Yandex.Money. A Yandex wallet is registered very quickly and simply (, money is deposited into the account through any VTB24 ATM, which is available in any Paterson (Moscow). Well, or Yandex.Money prepaid cards, which can also often be found in communication stores and stalls.

    Please draw your attention to the fact that while the site has not yet apparently been updated. Add it to your Favorites and stay tuned. Prices on the site are still indicated old. They will be replaced with new ones in the near future - Supports promised!


    You after all will not refuse me in adding my BLOG to Favorites? I'm bored alone! Thank you in advance for reading this short news article.

    Nick Hardy

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