Cho Seung Hee and the challenge system

    The world is torn, relishing the killing of thirty people in the United States. An ordinary person, just like you and me, suddenly turns out to be sick, and mentally unstable. This fact is presented as the only correct thought and image.

    I, as a person who thinks, cares about the fact, is all this by chance, or not by chance? And the answer, of course, is obvious.

    In place of Cho Seung Hee could be any of us. This is an exaggerated nightmare that visits each of us, and which has become a reality. Moreover, the nightmare is very detailed, and very accurate reality.

    Without a higher power could not do. Signs come in the form of a miracle, but happen in the form of nightmares when people get arrogant ...

    I’m somewhere even happy for America. 

    PS For cynics there is a direct indication. He was 23 years old, there were 32 victims.

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