G.ho.st: Network OS emulates Windows

    WebOS regiment arrived. Another representative that appeared this week is the Global Hosted Operating SysTem, or abbreviated G.ho.st (ghost), created by a Palestinian-Israeli team of programmers. It looks like a real desktop on a PC: the same windows, menus, icons, launching programs. The developers tried to make a real copy of Windows.

    Network OS combines the familiar Windows interface, on the one hand, and support for network widgets, on the other. You do not need to manually upgrade programs, save documents, or make backups - the network OS eliminates a whole bunch of problems.

    From a technical point of view, the Ghost system is built on Lazlo technology, supports Firefox and IE. By the end of the year, support for Safari will appear. So far, the interface works on Flash, but it is planned to remake it on Ajax and launch the mobile version - all this too until the end of the year.

    The operating system makes hosting and computing on the Amazon S3 and EC2 platforms - the obvious choice for such a startup. Traffic and hosting startups are very inexpensive. For users, accounts up to 3 GB will be provided at all for free.

    In the III quarter. In 2007, it is planned to open an API and a widget, so that the system will begin to develop with the help of independent developers.

    via StartupSquad

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