Inspired. About integrity.

    Recently I got into an interesting situation, such that I had to think about the philosophical category of “incorruptibility” :)

    And here is what I came to my conclusion: the rule “there are no incorruptible people, there are only small amounts” is not true in all cases.
    An important limitation is the bribe's confidence in the bribe!

    From this, I concluded that it is not the one who does not have a price who is incorruptible (we will leave the saints outside the brackets).
    He is incorruptible whose personal assessment of the value of the bribe of which exceeds his own assessment of the possible "benefit of someone from his bribe."

    Example. Vasya considers it possible to "bribe-sell" for miles.
    At the same time, he believes that the official shovel, which they want to steal by bribing him, is clearly not worth a million.
    This means that Vasya is incorruptible, because he simply won’t believe the person who will offer him a bribe for a shovel in a milen.

    In short, bribery is a delicate matter!

    I don’t even know what I mean ...

    PS I wonder why this post is constantly falling points. Was it -2, is it now -3? Explain who the thread will be very grateful!

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