Recovering 2.0

    Orange-Pridential and Blue-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Kharkov with the highest tariffs, central gray streets, ordinary departmental beige house, apartment with flowers, a hill of blankets on the bed, ...

    World Wide Internet, huge domain zone RU, cool internet site habrahabr, authorized user, ...

    What do you ask in common. Two straight lines are described: one straight line belongs to reality, and the second one belongs to virtuality. And they say that reality and virtuality are disjoint. But no, father, they intersect at point I. This is not news the experienced person will say and will be right.

    Web 2.0, social networking, digital television, rss streams, mash-up, podcasting, iPod, VoIP, ...

    It is still possible to list endlessly, but is there any sense to this in all circumstances? “Which ones?” - you ask. “Now-now” - I will answer you.

    Let's figure it out. What is social networking? Translation from the wiki.

    Social network services - social software in a special way focused on the construction and execution of on-line social networks for various purposes.

    Here we again clarify what is social software and a social network.

    Social software allows people to meet, establish relationships, and interact using computer communications.

    A social network is a social structure consisting of nodes in the role of individuals or organizations.

    And now I’ll act recklessly. I'll see what the word social means in Ozhegov’s dictionary.

    Social - social, relating to the life of people and their relationships in society.

    But somehow, taking advantage of all the benefits of life provided by web 2.0, there is a feeling that they were created only in order to pay for themselves. And that they do not carry any social burden. But life 2.0 will not be.

    Over the past week, it has also been added to this sensation that under certain circumstances we have nothing to do with all this. And everything is inspired by the fact that I have been lying at home with a temperature of 39 all the past and non-Internet weeks.

    Yes, yes, why do I need all this if I could only lie in bed and hope that it all ends soon?

    And in one of such sad minutes, the thought came to my mind, why such a web2.0 project has not yet been created as for the sick, NO for recovering people. It is for the recovering - even in the title that optimism is needed. Of course the phrase “Patient two zero” (Patient 2.0) sounds, but there is no direction for recovery in it.
    And quite socially, it seems. After all, people who want to recover are always full.

    And then there are these constant epidemics. But I want to know after all: how much this flu usually takes or what means are better, and how grandmothers treated such and such ...

    Yes, you don’t really sit at a computer with temperature - I felt it myself, but who prevents me from using my mobile phone.

    There are bottomless opportunities for implementation.

    This is really social, agree?

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