Google and Skype Cross VoIP Services

    Internet companies Google and eBay entered into an alliance. It concerns advertising on the eBay portal, as well as the use of Skype and Google Talk VoIP programs for the joint creation of Click-to-Call services.

    Under the new agreement , Google will become the exclusive provider of contextual advertising on eBay pages outside the United States. In May of this year, eBay entered into a similar US traffic agreement with Yahoo.

    In addition, the deal between Google and eBay involves some sharing of their communication programs Skype and Google Talk as part of the new “Click-to-Call” function, which will connect users and advertisers on both eBay and Google. How this sharing will be implemented and what kind of new service it is has not yet been announced. The financial terms of cooperation are also kept secret.

    For buyers and sellers on the eBay website, the Click-to-Call service is already available, that is, the voice communication function. It allows you to start the Skype program with one click and dial the specified number to talk on the phone with the seller of a product at the auction. Thanks to an alliance with Google, the “one-click call” feature via Skype may be integrated in some way with Google Talk and become available to a wider audience.

    At the same time, Google also provides visitors to its website with a similar “one-click call” function. The service is also called Click-to-Call.and allows you to call the advertiser from a regular home phone without showing him your phone number. In this case, Google acts as a “call center”, an intermediary on whose behalf calls are made to both the advertiser and the user. A search engine links them together.

    Apparently, as a result of the collaboration between eBay and Google, a unified Click-to-Call model will be created so that the user can call with a single click on the text banner on both eBay and the AdWords system. It is known that both programs appear on the eBay and Google deal: Skype and Google Talk. It is possible that they will become compatible in some way with each other. Testing of the new joint service will begin in early 2007.

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