Web 2.0 style search API

    Company Google has released a new version of the software interfaces for access to its main search engine. A distinctive feature of the JavaScript library is its support for Ajax technologies.

    Using the Google Ajax Search API library, you can integrate many features of the Google search engine on your site, including web search, local search, video and blog search. Moreover, you can combine search results from all of these sources.

    Here is a small example of how the implementation of Ajax programming interfaces with the integration of various search results looks in practice. A query is entered at the top of the search bar, and the results are updated without reloading the page.

    Developers have the opportunity to customize the search panel to your taste: select certain search sources, customize the appearance. To access the interfaces, the developer must register and get the API key. The library can be used free of charge even on commercial websites, with the exception of sites with paid content and corporate sites.

    The Google Ajax Search API supports the browsers Firefox, Safari and IE 6. The library has just been published in beta, it is still at an early, experimental stage of development (version 0.1). It is likely that in the future it will be seriously finalized and improved. Version 1.0 will most likely contain major changes to the code and will most likely also delivercontextual advertising along with the main search results.

    But now some experts have expressed the view that the Google Ajax Search API - this is possibly the best software interfaces of all that has ever released by Google. Only the interfaces to Google Maps, which have become the basis for thousands of web applications of various types, can compete with them. But mapping still has a very limited scope, so the Google Ajax Search API library should become much more popular.

    It is noteworthy that Google is systematically pursuing a policy of supporting third-party developers. They constantly open program interfaces to various services, and recently, this process seems to have accelerated. More recently, the Gdata (the protocol for exchanging data for an online organizer) and AdSense APIs have been released , and now the powerful Ajax Search interfaces have been released .

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