AdSense Interface - On Any Site

    The published AdSense APIs allow you to integrate the advertising service interface into any website. Through program interfaces, functions such as account registration, account management, creating and editing advertising modules and advertising links, viewing detailed reports and financial statistics become available. All this is completely free for registered developers. Owners of sites with traffic of at least 100,000 hits per month are allowed to beta test.

    When implementing the AdSense API, you can force the setting of certain parameters of advertising modules. For example, ad format and color scheme. In fact, thanks to the support of SOAP and WSDL, a talented developer can adapt the AdSense API to a wide variety of tasks.

    For example, the AdSense API is ideal for implementation by companies that manage web content: these are hosting companies, publishing houses, the media, blogging platforms, and social networks. One of the first AdSense API beta testers was Blogger , the largest online platform for free blog hosting (see the case study with screenshots ).

    For these types of customers, the implementation of the AdSense APIs can be very profitable thanks to an affiliate program from Google. The company promises to pay the developer a percentage of the income of all users who register through its web interface. Plus, he will receive a bonus of $ 100 for each major customer (a large customer is one who has earned at least $ 100 on advertising for six months).

    Thus, hosting companies, blogging platforms and other companies can make good money as intermediaries in the sale of advertising. Perhaps many paid services (the same hosting) in the future will become cheaper or completely free for end users.

    Among other things, by opening program interfaces, Google is trying to make the relationship between advertisers and the sites on which advertisements more comfortable. AdSense APIs can be configured so that the advertiser can easily and quickly buy ads on the site without leaving this site. The AdSense service acts here simply as a technological intermediary and provides financial settlements between the parties (the payment system from Google promises to become very popular).

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