Mostelecom invests in triple play

    The triple play services are going to be provided by Mostelecom , for which it is modernizing its network by purchasing the necessary equipment from the French company Alcatel-Lucent . After the completion of the first stage of work, which will begin in the first quarter of 2007, subscribers of the largest cable TV network in Moscow will receive better channel broadcasting and a number of new services: high-speed Internet access, private virtual networks, video on demand, personal television, online games and others, according to Vedomosti , referring to Mostelecom. Full reconstruction will last until 2009.
    In the subscriber base of the operator, which belongs to Nafta-Moscow (59%) and the metropolitan government, there are about 3 million households, which makes up 90% of the Moscow market. During construction, Mostelecom will implement the integrated Alcatel-Lucent IP / MPLS solution, which will completely transform its network. In future plans - to receive up to 50% of income from new services. Recall that the financial results of Mostelecom for 2005 included $ 50 million in turnover.

    According to the company’s estimates, the upgrade will cost $ 250-270 million. Such significant investments in the project are explained by the poor condition of the resource. In addition, we note that Mostelecom is entering the market quite late, where such players as Comstar Direct (STREAM), Central Telegraph (QWERTY), Corbina Telecom, Comcor TV (AKADO) have already deployed. .

    However, Mostelecom initially has an important competitive advantage - large coverage. That is, that is, what the "early" players fought for, because the content is all broadcast approximately the same (foreign, mainly) and the tariffs are similar. Thus, a new market participant “can quickly catch up,” say iKS-Consulting analysts.

    One way or another, Mostelecom should come up with an original technical or marketing idea to promote its services, competitors of the Corbin Telecom operator say. They indicate that there will be a place for Mostelekom in the Moscow market, but not one of the triple play operators will be able to take more than its 30% in the end.

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