Another proof ...

    ... that Byrd’s prophecies regarding the emerging netocracy and the Infosphere have some predictive power.
    He mentions that "the old formation (capitalism) will make tremendous efforts to keep the situation under its control ... including such state forces as special services ...".

    And what do we see?
    And here is what!
    That is, the authorities are not only trying to penetrate the Network to ensure their own security (wrote earlier ), but also through this to establish additional lines of control in real life.

    This is, perhaps, an open challenge to those who consider themselves netocrats. The question is how to respond? You can register dozens of resources under the name that caused a similar reaction, and fill up the “organs” with work. You can organize a campaign "Do not touch the journalist!" like a web mob against the actions of the Baltic authorities, which took place a couple of years ago.

    What else can be done? Need to think…

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