Glonass-M satellite launched for maintenance due to increased error

    One of the GLONASS-M navigation satellites had to be temporarily put out for maintenance. The reason is a significant excess of the error rate, which was found after analyzing the daily monitoring data. During decommissioning, the satellite was located over southern Africa.

    The device in question was launched into orbit on March 2, 2010; it was put into operation on March 28. The satellite number is 731. The global network of monitoring stations includes Russian SDKM stations (stations in Russia and 2 stations in Antarctica) and stations of foreign organizations (IGS, Euref, TrigNet, RBMC, etc.).

    Glonass-M is a second-generation navigation satellite, they have been used since 2001. A total of 46 satellites were launched into orbit. The system includes 26 devices, 24. is used. Instead of obsolete satellites, third-generation devices GLONASS-K and GLONASS-K2 are being prepared.

    It is worth noting that one of the satellites of the Glonass-M series was launched into orbit on June 17, 2018 using the Soyuz-2.1b rocket. On November 3, another satellite was launched using the same rocket.

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