Roskomnadzor introduces automatic processing of the media on "combinations of specific words"

    If you thought that the action of the novel " 1984 " occurs in a dystopia, which is impossible in principle, then it is worth thinking again.

    By the end of 2016, Roskomnadzor will launch an automated media control system throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation, the annual report says (p. 15). “Already today, the system allows for the continuous processing of 7,000 electronic periodical and online media materials. The search for violations is based on the identification of certain combinations of specific words , which at the first stage of analysis allows us to select only those media materials that potentially contain signs of violations. ”

    “We will give only one example. The word “free” in the news tribute remained, but it could only be used in such statements as “loose boots”, “toilet is free”. It was not used in the old meaning of “politically free,” “intellectually free,” because freedom of thought and political freedom did not even exist as concepts, and therefore did not require designations. ” - this example from “1984”, probably, could be present in the report of Roskomnadzor as an example of identifying “certain combinations of specific words” that “potentially contain signs of violations”.

    “The explosive nature of the development of the information environment, the globalization of the information space, attempts to use information and
    communication networks for illegal activities require new approaches to control and supervisory activities in this area, improving the mechanisms for identifying illegal information,” the report said. “In 2016, it is planned to expand the list of processed Internet resources, to automate the process of taking response measures by Roskomnadzor on the violations found.”

    If the response is automatic, then in the future you can improve the system and introduce automatic replacement of words and expressions, including in the archives of the media.

    The words "our new happy life" repeated several times. Recently, they fell in love with the Ministry of abundance.

    According to the plan of Roskomnadzor, "the deployment of an automated control system in the sphere of mass communications in the territory of all the subjects of the Russian Federation is planned to be completed by the end of 2016". Some major media cautiously expressed a negative attitude towards the Roskomnadzor initiative, in which they see "elements of censorship."

    “The introduction of such an automatic system will make it possible to track not only the word“ terrorism ”or the obscene expression - no one uses them in the media right now. This may include words related to political aspects, such as the name of the president or deputy. Such references will be monitored and give an idea of ​​what they write about this or that media. I think this is precisely the element of censoring, ”said Pavel Gusev, the editor-in-chief of Moskovsky Komsomolets.

    Nevertheless, government agencies believe that greater control over online media is necessary in the context of a hybrid war and information pressure on Russia. The system of work of the media and control of the entire Internet as a whole can be organized in the Chinese way, explained the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. It is necessary for the public good: to combat child pornography, extremism, incitement of discord and youth corruption, in order to protect people from harmful and dangerous information.

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