The developer of the Great Chinese Firewall had to show Chinese students how to bypass VPN protection.

    Phan Binsin, the developer of China's content filtering system (this system is also called the “Great Chinese firewall), has recently got into an awkward situation. He spoke to students at Harbin Polytechnic University, talking about Internet censorship in various countries, including South Korea.

    During one of the interactive demonstrations, he had to go to some South Korean website. The resource was blocked inside China (the resource was blocked using the very “Great Firewall”), but it was necessary to show the site as part of the presentation. And Fan Binxin decided the question in a simple way. He decided to use VPN to bypass the protection of his own system. As far as can be understood, this is a Tianhe VPN service.

    At the same time, working with a VPN in China does not mean solving all the problems. Access to blocked resources can be obtained, yes, but the network bandwidth drops sharply. The same happened with Binshin, he hardly connected to Facebook and Google. The problem became so serious that he had to use Baidu to search for a screenshot of the Google search service page.

    The situation turned out to be quite awkward, and Binxin chose to leave immediately after the speech, without waiting for the question-answer session.

    Project “ Golden Shield"(English The Golden Shield Project, whale. 金盾 工程, jīndùn gōngchéng, unofficial name -" The Great Chinese Firewall "(English Great Firewall of China - a word game, derived from the English. Great Wall of China - Great Wall of China) - Internet Content Filtering System in China. The project was developed in 1998, and launched in 2003 throughout the country. The Shield is a server system on the Internet channel between providers and international information transfer networks that filters information Censorship does not apply to special admins. trative regions of Hong Kong and Macau - where access to the internet completely free

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