First look at Delta Amplon RT UPS

    In the Delta Amplon family replenishment - the manufacturer introduced a new series of devices with a capacity of 5-20 kVA.

    Uninterruptible power supplies Delta Amplon RT are characterized by high efficiency and compact size. Previously, only relatively low-power models were offered in this family, but single-phase and three-phase devices with a power of up to 20 kVA appeared in the new RT series. The manufacturer positions them for use in uninterruptible power systems of small machine rooms and server rooms, for the protection of medical and telecommunication equipment, as well as for additional protection of critical equipment in large data centers. Amplon devices are widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, hospitals, companies in the financial sector and the telecommunications industry.

    Lineup and Topology

    In the new series, Delta released three UPS models: there is also 1/2/3 kVA Amplon R / RT, which we do not consider in this review. We are interested in single-phase Amplon RT at 5, 6, 8 or 10 kVA (200-240 V) and three-phase Amplon RT at 15 or 20 kVA (380-415 V). Both models are built on topology of double conversion of electric power, and their output power factor is equal to one. Single-phase devices are available to customers in versions with standard and increased battery life, and three-phase devices are available in 3: 1 (three-phase input, single-phase output) and 3: 3 (three-phase input, three-phase output) configurations, which are changed using jumper buses.

    Design and configuration

    Delta Amplon RT All-in-One UPSs are designed for outdoor or 19-inch rack mounting. Single-phase models with standard battery life are equipped with built-in batteries and occupy 4 (5/6 kVA) or 5 (8/10 kVA) units in a rack. They also have a default power distribution unit (PDB) and a maintenance bypass switch (MBB). Configurations with extended battery life take up 2 units in height and require an external battery cabinet (EBC) for 2 or 3 units, depending on the type of battery. There is only one network input in all single-phase models. The efficiency of the device is 95.5% in normal mode (with double conversion enabled) and 99% in economic mode. Three-phase models occupy 2 units in a cabinet or rack, battery cabinets for them - another 2, 3 or 6 units. Users can access configurations with one or two network inputs, and the device's efficiency is 96.5% in normal mode and 99% in economic mode. All UPSs are equipped with an LCD display, which in three-phase models allows you to configure the output configuration. Devices are easily built in racks of popular standard sizes.


    The RT series first introduced standard external compact (2U) battery cabinets (EBC) with lithium-ion batteries, which are available for both three-phase and single-phase models. In addition, customers can purchase cabinets with lead-acid batteries (VRLA). For unification, all Amplon RT models use the same EBC with a flexible configuration - this allows you to optimize the cost of buying the system, scale up battery life over a wide range and simplify inventory management. VRLA battery groups are mounted in a cabinet using plastic cases, which eliminates the possibility of electrolyte leakage. The batteries can be replaced individually without replacing the entire group and without stopping the operation of the UPS, and the plug-and-play connector is used to connect the EBC.

    Parallel work

    To increase power and redundancy according to the N + 1 scheme, up to four Delta Amplon RT UPSs can be connected in parallel (only models with extended battery life support the combination in a single-phase lineup). With this connection, customers can also access system configurations with common batteries, which can reduce the footprint of the equipment and reduce the load on the building structure.

    Security and Management

    Delta Amplon RT allows you to configure the connection of loads taking into account priority and equally efficiently supply both active and reactive loads. They step-by-step regulate the speed of cooling fans, predict their service life and timely signal the need to replace a faulty fan. Thanks to intelligent charging-discharging algorithms, the battery life is extended, and the built-in diagnostic and detection systems for aging batteries allow them to be replaced on time. The graphic LCD display gives staff access to all control and monitoring functions. USB and RS-232 ports are used to connect to the computer, in addition, the devices have an RS-485 port for exchanging data using the ModBus protocol or communicating with the cabinet on lithium-ion batteries. The MINI slot allows you to install expansion cards.


    Looking at new uninterruptible power supplies and not having real experience in their operation, it is difficult to draw any serious conclusions, but at first glance, updating the popular Delta Amplon family seems successful. The manufacturer significantly increased the power of the devices and made a purely single-phase three-phase model line, without sacrificing its main advantage - compact dimensions and high power density. These are the younger models among Delta rack-mount solutions with double energy conversion, but in terms of scalability, they are not inferior to more expensive products and are sure to find their customers in Russia.

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