[Peter] Meeting JUG.ru with Cliff Click - A JVM Does That?

    On Tuesday, July 9, two days before the Hydra 2019 conference, JUG.ru will meet with Cliff Click (Cliff Click), CTO of Cratus, founder and co-founder of successful startups (Rocket Realtime School, Neurensic, H2O.ai), famous speaker and consultant.

    Cliff Click is the legend of the Java world. He participated in the initial development of the JVM, was one of the creators of the famous HotSpot Server Compiler (C2), improved a significant part of the Azul technology stack and proved to the world that the JIT compilation has the right to life.

    Participation is free , registration is required. You can register here . Detailed information about the topic of the meeting and the speaker is under the cut.

    The report will be read in English.


    Here’s what Cliff himself writes about this meeting:

    “I’ve been working on the HotSpot JVM for about 15 years, and I’m still constantly amazed at what's going on inside. High-quality GC, compiler, universal memory and multi-threading models, code cost model, dynamic classrooming, introspection and reflection, access to the operating system and hardware resources, a huge standard library. Where does all this come from? Why did they add all this there ... and, most importantly: when do they fail? What are the limitations of the JVM that we have to reckon with and live with? What services would you like to have (but they will not be - and why)? ”

    All these questions will be answered by Cliff Click - CTO of Cratus (IoT sensors for process improvement), the founder and co-founder of several startups (including Rocket Realtime School, Neurensic and H2O.ai) with several successful exits. Cliff wrote his first compiler at age 15 (Pascal for TRS Z-80)! Best known for working on C2 in Java (the Sea of ​​Nodes IR). This compiler showed the world that JIT can produce high-quality code, and this was one of the factors that made Java one of the main modern platforms. Cliff then helped Azul Systems build an 864-core mainframe with pure Java software that supported GC pauses on a 500 gigabyte heap for 10 milliseconds and worked on all aspects of the JVM in general. Cliff is regularly called with reports like at academic conferences,

    Participation is free , but registration is required. You can register here .
    You can continue communicating with Cliff at the Hydra 2019 conference, which will be held on July 11-12, 2019 in St. Petersburg. Tickets can be purchased on the official website .

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