50 selected materials about the earnings of musicians, sound in games and movies, unusual instruments and the well-forgotten old

    This is a mega-selection from our blog on Habré and “Hi-Fi World”, a real thematic media, for which we have prepared and published hundreds of materials on the topic of sound and audio equipment.

    Today we bring to your attention selected topics. In them we write about the earnings and careers of musicians, the productivity and health of geeks, the soundtrack in games and movies, the sound of the space surrounding us and the well-forgotten old times of the USSR. Photo The Nigmatic Unspalsh

    Money, career and that’s it

    Here you will find several thematic material cycles at once. The first is a discussion about how to get on the radio, with a continuation of the myths in the work of DJs, vocalists and start in such areas as sound engineering and soundtrack writing for games and movies.

    The second major cycle is called "Shine and Poverty." In it, we talked about how streaming services affected the earnings of novice musicians. The cycle received wide coverage on Habré and was actively discussed , therefore we transferred the material to our magazine “ Hi-Fi World ”.

    The third block is stories about how modern musicians earn money. Here we explore alternative monetization options and the Pay what you want model.

    “I want music, but I don’t want it all”: the first steps in the music industry
    Myths for the DJ and vocalist: how to start working in the music industry
    What you need to know before starting a career in the audio industry
    Shine and poverty: how the digital revolution made musicians poorer
    Shine and poverty: how to make a living if you are a musician
    How do modern musicians make a living
    How did the PWYW model prove in music

    Musical instruments

    This is our small collection of historical analysis of quite interesting, but not particularly well-known tools. It turned out that their main part did not become mass, but this makes them much more attractive from the point of view of studying the ideas of developers.

    Hammond organ, Vako Orchestron and Synclavier
    Ocarina, pan flute, nozzle and glass harmonica
    Musical instruments that did not become mainstream
    Carrot bend yellow: 8 unusual musical instruments

    Photo by Michael Henry Unspalsh
    Which of the muses. we have tools in Audiomania
    Haken's continuum: an electronic instrument with acoustic responsiveness.
    What do you know about the wheel lyre, the harp, the cajon and the musical saw
    Trautonium: the German wave in the history of synthesizers
    The history of audio technologies: synthesizers and samplers
    8-second sound: the history of the mellotron

    How does the world around us sound

    A person pays a substantial part of his attention to photographs, videos and stories in social. networks, but practically does not think about the acoustic features of architecture, urban spaces, transport systems and wildlife that surrounds it outside the city.

    These are the materials that we prepared in the process of studying thematic podcasts and independent blogs. The specifics of the posts is very different, but this is interesting in this direction.

    5 places in the world that you need to hear
    The soundtrack of the end of the world, music of roads and a stalactite organ
    From the "stamping" of ants to the collision of black holes - we listen together
    Singing computer, cyborgs and music of waves - unusual sounds and audio gadgets

    Photo Jim Makos / CC
    What you can see and hear in our showrooms
    What are the pros and cons of the quietest places on the planet
    5 unusual sound signals of wildlife
    Electric cars will publish specials. sounds

    Geek Health & Productivity

    In the materials about the influence of the ecosystem of sound on human productivity, we are not limited to music and talk about the characteristics of the psyche and perception. In addition, we analyze the possibilities for maintaining basic “acoustic hygiene”, based on expert opinions.

    Despite his age: how to protect your hearing
    Music for effective work: what you need to know
    Wearing headphones and becoming more effective: how music affects productivity
    Scientists have found a part of the human brain that is responsible for the pitch of our speech
    Audiotriggers: how the human psyche reacts to different sounds
    Sounds that annoy us: why does this happen?
    How does music affect intelligence: myths and hypotheses

    Soundtrack in games and movies

    The following materials will focus on the process of creating and the various components of films and games. This is one of our favorite destinations. Here you will find a thematic cycle about the work of dubbing actors, stories about music in series and sounds in horror films.

    Eight bits: about sounds in old games
    Rain and clank of armor: how sound is made for a movie
    Music in movies and TV shows that we hear too often
    How dubbing actors work: two-part review

    Photo by Jeremy Yap Unspalsh

    How dubbing actors work: Part Two
    One-voice dubbing - the history and main names of the “VHS era”
    Music as a theme and as a technique: Musical Series
    What unusual musical instruments are used in the voice acting of horror films

    Well forgotten old

    Further - materials about legendary works, audio gadgets and carriers. Some of them are gaining popularity again, others are curious to remember, find and study their features.

    Vinyl came back and it’s different
    Flexible records came back from the past
    Tales in the USSR: the history of “children's” vinyl
    Radio shows: very well forgotten old
    Bobbiniki: ten iconic reel tape recorders


    These are all kinds of selections that you should get acquainted with on the weekend. From books to discussing the musical tastes of developers and various muses. video about programming.

    Weekend reading: 5 books on music and musicians.
    What developers listen to: from classics to game soundtracks. A
    mega-selection of songs and clips about programming and programmers.


    In the blog on Habré and "Hi-Fi World" we talk and show how everything is arranged with us. Still - we are interviewing company representatives and engineers of our own speakers.

    Cinema halls of Audio mania: a transcript of the podcast
    Photo tour of the office of Audiomania
    Discussing Hi-Fi trends: transcript of the Sound show
    Speaker constructor: transcript of the Sound podcast

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